Careless Talk podcast – Tips and tricks for perfect(ish) skin

May 6, 2023

Written by Rhino Admin

Rhino’s founder, Justin Brown had a chat with Aidan and Sam this spring talking about how he started Rhino Skin Solutions 8 years ago. Justin used to be the guy that did not use any skin care products until he tried his wife’s expensive cream. He was impressed but he didn’t want to spend that much money. He started his research and that’s how Rhino was born. He has learnt a huge amount about skincare for rock climbers. 

Give this episode a listen if you want to learn more about skincare tips for climbers!

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The Careless Talk Climbing Podcast is hosted by Aidan Roberts and Sam Prior. It kind of goes where it goes – Lots of tangents and rambles as well as hopefully thought provoking questions. Sometimes it’s very focussed on climbing, sometimes climbing barely comes up. 


Rhino Admin
Author: Rhino Admin

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