FLOAT – Ethan Salvo

October 24, 2023

Written by Rhino Admin

After 2 years of covid, I tried to run away to Bishop in pursuit of a Lucid Dream. Getting turned around at the border last year was the start of an awakening for me, a new life. I left home in April and headed west to Squamish, unsure of how it would influence me but sure it was the right call. In an effort to document my new life, I brought along the family mini DV camcorder, the same one my parents filmed me on from birth to about 5. When the handycam started to slow down, I picked up a new camcorder and continued to shoot on tapes for the rest of the year. For me, this film is a look back at some of the purest and simple moments I’ve experienced this past year. Watching the tapes back while editing brought similar emotions to watching tapes of myself growing up. Like a home movie, I hope you can find simplicity and joy in this film, devoid of all the chaos and stresses of life.



About the climber: Ethan Salvo

My name is Ethan Salvo, I’m 20 and currently living in Squamish BC. I’ve been climbing for 6 years now, mainly bouldering and constantly trying to progress. A year and a half ago I moved to Squamish to push myself, become a better climber, and climb on some of the rock out there. 
When I’m not working I’m usually out on one of my bouldering projects, filming, or hanging at home
Rhino Admin
Author: Rhino Admin

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