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Climber Spotlight

Hey there! I’m Mary, 

When I was 19 I moved to Moab, Utah, from Somerset, Kentucky. Moab rocked my world! My first real experience with rock climbing was seeing climbers at Wall Street, which is a roadside climbing area in Moab.  All I could think was I had to get up there, on the rock. I took what measly amount of money I had in my bank account and blew it all at the local gear shop, Gearheads. Since then, I’ve climbed all over the world and have been absolutely stoked.

My favorite type of climbing changes seasonally. I love desert towers, adventure climbs, and projects in the spring and fall. I love early morning missions of any kind and sharp granite off-widths in the summer. In the winter I mainly boulder and dabble in some Ice climbing unless I travel to Europe then I love sport climbing during the winter.

I love all styles of rock climbing. Rock climbing is fun, every time. I firmly believe in being a well-rounded climber. My weakness is in face climbing, so I’ve been working on that a lot. As Lisa Hathaway says “Climbing is good for Climbing!”

The Climbing community as a whole inspires me, especially all the folks who put in all the work to pave the way for everybody else — the trail builders, route-equippers, weekend clean-up crews, and all my fellow guides. But most importantly, the experienced climbers who take the time to mentor new climbers. To teach. There is always a new generation coming up — who better to teach them than ourselves? Passing down the knowledge of safety, ethics, and history? We are a big family. I was inspired and educated by local climbers who took the time to teach me. I cannot count the number of amazing humans that have helped me get to where I am today. Real-life role models who have inspired me to push past what scared me, and made me stronger.

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