Founders: Justin & Andi

First developed for Smith Rock in Oregon in 2015, Rhino is created to be an essential care product to help combat the brutal effects of sharp crimps and rough rock.

Helping to renew your sore and worn skin is our number one priority.
Where skin is a valuable resource and bad skin can shut you down on your project, Rhino products have been developed to maintain, enhance, and help recovery of fingers and muscles.We set out to make a product that prevents splits and cracks and keeps skin durable, tough and dry.

The team involved in the development of Rhino Skin Solutions spans a wide breadth of sporting disciplines. We tested, listened to, and worked with Alpine, Sport and Traditional Climbers, Skiers, Yoga instructors and doctors, climbers who are pushing themselves into the upper end of the game and climbers who participate recreationally.

​The one thing we all have in common is we want the best. Rhino always has this in mind. 

Justin Brown


Miranda Kreb

Operations & Wholesale Manager

Troy Maxwell

Production Operator

Cerra Teng

COO/Marketing & Design


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