Power Company podcast – Skin care tips and myths for climbers

May 11, 2023

Written by Rhino Admin

Rhino’s founder and CEO Justin Brown joined Kris to explain the different products they offer and how best to use them. And then they chat about some of the best tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years, and also debunk some common myths that seem to pervade the climbing community on the subject of skincare.

As a climbers themselves, Justin and his wife Andi found themselves in need of good skincare products when dealing with the often sharp and rough rock of Smith Rock, their local crag. This need eventually led them to develop Rhino Skin in 2015. 


  • How to use Rhino Skin Solutions full line of skin care products.

  • Dealing with splits and flappers.

  • The surprising way that Rhino’s Dry Spray actually works.

  • Ideal skin thickness and humidity.

  • Ideal grit for sanding skin.

  • More tips and myths about skin care for climbers!

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About Power Company Climbing Podcast: Kris sits down, usually in person, with coaches, athletes and experts to discuss the things that can help us all become better climbers and community members. 


Rhino Admin
Author: Rhino Admin

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