Wideboyz crack gloves

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The Crack Gloves are built for crack climbing performance. Whatever grade you crack climb, the features and design of the glove will help your crack climbing experience, by protecting your hand and helping you to climb harder. Detailed information is in the description below:

  • These gloves are designed to be close fitting for better performance. Ease your fingers into the loops first, then your thumb before tightening the wrist strap.
  • When tightening the wrist strap, ensure the webbing is pulling evenly across the eyelet and don't tighten it or your fingers will go blue.
  • When removing the glove, don't invert the finger or thumb loops. Ease each loop off your hand one by one; thumb first, followed by the fingers.
  • When storing the gloves, close the velcro to prevent unwanted abrasion
  • Your gloves are going to get covered with chalk, blood, sweat and probably tears but don't chuck them in the washing machine. A damp cloth and an air dry will do it!

*If you would like to change the product size after purchase, we will charge $10 restocking fee that includes shipping. The gloves need to be in like-new condition.


4 reviews for Wideboyz crack gloves

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service! Would recommend both the product and the crew at Rhino Skin

  2. Drai Plattsmier (verified owner)

    While these are my favorite crack gloves on the market currently, I’m hoping to see improvements with V2 over
    the first version of these, especially with the $10 price increase and the expensive shipping to US. I love that they cover most of the thumb, and fit true to size. The majority of the materials feel durable and have withstood some heavy use, with exception of the Velcro wrist straps. After about 6 uses, the Velcro stopped performing, and would unstrap often mid-climb. Some promo images show a wide, thick wrist strap but the gloves I got didn’t have the same width, nor the same grab. To add, the stitching didn’t last last long either.

    • Justin Brown (store manager)

      Thank you for your comment. I think the Wideboyz have taken a lot of feedback into consideration. There is a big improvement in the glue used for the rubber as well as some minor quality control improvements. The basic form and function has remained mostly the same but the durability has increased.

  3. Evan W. (verified owner)

    Perfect! Thank you!

  4. Emily (verified owner)

    A gift for my husband; we ordered late but they still arrived very quickly! He loves them, they work very well.

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