Dry Spray

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Full Strength and Safe! This formula has been found to be a safe and effective long-term antiperspirant. Dry is formulated to inhibit sweat in boots and gloves, which leads to warmer hands and feet and fewer blisters. Dry is also an excellent tool for sending your projects on the rock or playing your best foosball game ever. With the perfect concentration of antiperspirant, Dry can be used without the worry of damaging your skin. Unlike Antihydral there is no need to worry about getting this product in creases or cuts. You can spray on and leave on Rhino Dry.

Water (l'eau), Isopropyl Alcohol, Methenamine, Magnesium Chloride, Menthol.
*FDA has not evaluated or approved these claims. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Core Ingredients

Methenamine 8%: Anti-perspirant

Alcohol: Degreaser





  • Apply 6-8 hours before activity.
  • Spray onto clean hands or feet until area is covered.
  • Rub in or let dry.
  • Anti-perspirant will last up to 4 days after application.
  • If skin irritation or dryness and cracking occur, discontinue use until symptoms resolve.

NEED EXTRA Strength?

Try Tip Juice !

Tip juice is designed for once a week application to decrease sweating and increase crimping durability. Maximum Strength skin toughener for very sweaty fingertips. 

Non-greasy formula with natural ingredients that speed up your skin recovery. You can even apply it before climbing.

19 reviews for Dry Spray

  1. Amity Warme (verified owner)

    A great option when you don’t want something as strong as tip juice

  2. Hayden (verified owner)

    Works super well on my tips. Perfect way to counteract my copious consumption of caffeine.

  3. Domenic Marconato (verified owner)

    Didn’t work as well as advertised

  4. Robert

    The only thing so far that helped with my sweaty skin on hands and feet. Love how easy to use it.

  5. Dean

    I have had sweaty hands (and feet) my entire life in stressful situations and during hot/humid weather. Several years ago I started rowing a single scull and my sweaty hands made it difficult to grip the oar handles. I resolved to try to change the situation before the next rowing season and with a Google search discovered Rhino products. 3 weeks ago I decided to try Dry Spray and followed the directions every night for 5 nights and my hands have been dry since then. I found that to maintain the dryness I only need to reapply every 6 days. I am so overwhelmingly pleased with the results that I am now trying Dry Spray on my sweaty feet.

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