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Split is formulated with beeswax to help heal splits and gobies. Rhino has enriched this with vitamin E, arnica, dragon's blood, and tea tree oil to help disinfect and speed recovery.

Apply liberally to clean cracks, splits, and flappers.

Bees Wax (cera Alba), Arnica Flower (Helianthus Annuus), Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Tea tree oil (malaleuca alternifolia), Dragons Blood (croton lechleri) Resin

Core Ingredients

Beeswax: Occlusive
Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial
Vitamin E: Skin Health
Dragon’s Blood: Antibacterial, Promotes blood flow





 Clean your wound carefully with soap and water, pat dry, apply Split Stick and cover loosely with a breathable bandage such as Tegaderm or Hypa-Fix. If affected area turns white from being covered, take cover off and let dry until skin is pink again. Apply split stick as necessary to maintain a flexible hydrated environment.



You may want to try split+ !

Split+ is our new formulation. Thicker, and packed with more nutrients to help beat up, worn-out skin recover faster. Split+ stays true to our non-greasy easy-to-use ethos and leverages the benefits of a cream, a balm, and and airless dispenser.

13 reviews for Split

  1. Kelly H.

    I’ll never be without it!

  2. Konrad S.

    Usually brush burns from the climbing gym take a long time to heal. This stuff kept the scrape looking healthy and it faded much better than usual. Helps a lot on my dry, split fingertips too

  3. skyler p.

    Great for cracks and splits.I’ve noticed the recovery time is much faster than other products like climb on. Lasts forever!

  4. Matt C.

    Awesome for quickly healing splits on tips or between finger joints. The chap stick size has been an incredibly value, it’s seemingly bottomless and even the smallest amounts work wonders. A few applications a day heals up the worst splits in a hurry. Smells amazing. Highly recommended.

  5. franco G.

    Perfect for flappers and splits. This cuts my healing time in half so I can get back to climbing faster. This is a must have.

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