Ten Sleep Kit

Sweating and slipping... getting mosquito bites every evening... does that sound like your summer climbing trip? This package can make your trip more enjoyable. Repair cream speeds healing your skin. Skeeter Scatter helps you focus on your climb, not mosquitoes. Dry spray helps decrease sweating and thus increases friction.


Repair 3.5oz: Non-greasy skin conditioner to heal worn skin and soothe sore muscle and joints. We pack the bottle with earth-grown ingredients that work and leave out the fillers.

Skeeter Scatter 8oz: The only plant-powered, Deet-free bug-repellent that tested to be safe on climbing gear. Effective up to 4 hrs.

Dry 4oz: Easy to use, spray-on antiperspirant, Dry spray can be used to increase skin’s durability to help you climb longer.

*Please don't leave our products in a hot vehicle in summer. We do not put artificial emulsifiers or thickeners in our products so they are more fragile and will lose emulsification above 120* F.



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