Travel cleaning pack

Going on a climbing camping trip or living in a van doesn't mean that hygiene needs to be compromised. Our spray-on Cleanse allows you to clean up with just a cloth or towel when water access is limited. Our castile soap Wash is made with natural essential oils that can used from head to toe.


Cleanse 3.4oz:  With a good amount of Tea tree oil to minimize athletes' foot; menthol and peppermint help cool down your overheated body, Cleanse is antifungal, antibacterial and cooling.

Wash 3.4oz (mint or citrus scent): Rich aloe-boosted lather works just as well in the hair as it does on the body. Does your face need cleaning after a long day rock climbing in the mountains? Yeah it does that too.


Original price was: $20.95.Current price is: $18.85.


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