Tim Ferriss’ fear of heights and Rhino Dry spray

March 15, 2023

Written by Rhino Admin

In one of Tim Ferriss’ shows at the end of 2022, he was asked what he was afraid of. He said he was scared of heights, and his hands sweat a lot when he climbs. He mentioned applying Rhino Dry Spray... “that is the only thing… that has helped.”Watch his video (21:19) to hear what he said about his climbing experience! Or read the transcript of his show.Excerpt:Kevin Rose: You’re Tim-Tim the fearless. You do all kinds of crazy shit. What’s the one thing that people wouldn’t know that scares you? [inaudible 00:22:32] some shit.Tim Ferriss: Terrified of heights.Kevin Rose: Are you serious?Tim Ferriss: Yeah, and so when I go rock climbing, I do this as a way to try to inoculate myself against some of the fear, to the extent that if I get to a height that many people, even up in a tree like 15 feet, something like that, my legs will start to shake. I’m very afraid of heights. And when I rock climb, I’ll be belaying somebody, let’s just say it and it’s my turn to go, before I am even on the wall, I have sweat pouring off my hands. So I end up using… I can’t just use chalk because it turns into this sticky mud on my hands and if I go up a wall, even if it’s a small wall, let’s say it’s a 50-foot wall, I’ll have to reapply chalk like five times.So what I will do… People might find this useful. There’s a product called Rhino. It probably has another word there, but Rhino, basically antiperspirant for your hands used by some competitive rock climbers. And that is the only thing… it was recommended to me by a professional level climber… that has helped. And I am fairly sure… Sorry company, it’s a great product. If you’re constantly inhibiting perspiration through the hands, I have to imagine there may be side effects, I would think, so I haven’t used it all the time.But if I’m training, let’s just say, as I would like to… This will come back to the resolutions, I guess, but train at least twice a week, three times a week, for a period of time, why not? If I did that three, four weeks on, one week off and did that for a quarter, it’d be hard for me to imagine that would do a lot of damage, but I am very afraid of heights. To answer your question.
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Author: Rhino Admin

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