Sweat Block Bundle

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Rhino product family includes antiperspirants. The perfect kit for people who have sweaty hands or feet.

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  • Performance 3.4oz: Non-aluminum antiperspirant combined with a light, non-greasy moisturizer to make a safe and effective solution for sweaty hands and feet. Rhino Performance sets itself apart from other products like Antihydral by being specially formulated with the same active ingredient but with a lower concentration to help prevent splits and cracks those additional products can cause.
  • Dry 3.4oz: This formula has been found to be a safe and effective long-term antiperspirant. Dry is formulated to inhibit sweat in boots and gloves, which leads to warmer hands and feet and fewer blisters.
  • Tip Juice 3.4oz: Maximum Strength skin toughener* for very sweaty fingertips.

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3 reviews for Sweat Block Bundle

  1. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Performance is 5/5, Tip Juice is 5/5, Dry Spray is 4/5, will be getting more.

  2. Joshua Millet (verified owner)

    Works really well. Three options for drying the skin. Has been especially nice in the humid mideast.

  3. Scott H.

    Really like the file and the nail clippers – both work really well. I’ve used the finger massagers in the past, and they are a little gimmicky imo, but fun I guess.

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